Monday, July 2, 2012

Oh the joys of teaching others.

I recnetly became a tutor for the geology class I took last semester. All of our upper classmen are at field camp and thus unavailable to be tutors. So they asked me. I love it. I am very surprised to see how much I remember and how much I am able to teach others.

The students I tutor are so smart and fun. They love geology like I do. I really do feel it is great to know and meet people that like rocks. Most students that I meet with are over achievers. There is one youngman who is awesome. He over thinks everything! He makes the answers so complicated. He really is very smart and I enjoy working with him.

In addition to tutoring geology students I have the oppurtunity to tutor for basic science classes. These students are so much fun. Most of them are music or english majors who struggle with science. I love seeing their eyes light up with understanding. I truly do love tutoring.

Thank you to all the students have trusted me enough to let me help them.

Geology is awesome.

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