Monday, March 19, 2012

In the Beginning there was Geology...

      I am an Eagle Scout. In the course of my many camp-outs I hiked and backpacked multiple times and came to love it! The wide open woods, the mountains, the fresh clean smells, the scenery, and so much more. Backpacking was always my favorite activity to go on as a scout.
 I tried school and failed miserably. Then I got a job as a custodian, cleaning toilets. The job payed well for a single guy without any cares or responsibilities. So I enjoyed life. I played and did a little traveling.
 I went to Germany and stayed with my best friend and his wife, oh it was so much fun, though I don’t think they would have the same opinion of my visit (I was not a good visitor or friend).

After I came home from Germany I continued my job as a toilet cleaner. I made great friends, men that I still call friends today. Well seeing that I was so carefree I was a little to carefree in my job and was fired! Oh the pain, the agony.
After many months and people pushing me to go back to school, I enrolled in AVC once more. I had 2 classes: geology and a career class the college made me take. While sitting in that Geology class I knew, after 26 years, where I belonged! Since that time it has been an amazing adventure.
My Professor was Rick Balogh. He was the perfect teacher for me. Prof. Balogh loved geology and spread that love to me. He will always stand out as one of my favorite Professors, because it was in his class I found my passion for geology.
From then on finding rocks was my only thought! I can still remember being in the car with my then girlfriend (now wife) and her family going to Arizona, half asleep, when her Dad pulled off the road. What did I see? Amboy crater! A volcano and National monument. I was in love (and not just with my girlfriend!)

The Peacocks love to travel so every chance I got I was in the car traveling with them. We have seen some really cool geology and they were almost always willing to pull the car over so I could get out and look at rocks. The following are some of the places we have been.

Fossil falls, CA

Red Rock Canyon, CA

Salton Sea, CA

North Rim Grand Canyon, AZ

Vasquez Rocks, CA

Calico Ghost Town, CA

Wrightwood, CA

Gaviota State Beach, CA

Devils Punch Bowl, CA

Yellowstone National Park, WY

Death Valley National Park, CA

Now my wife and I live in Rexburg, ID. I am currently in the Geology program at BYU-I. I love it. I have met so many people that like rocks as much as I do. We are an hour away from West Yellowstone. We live in the old path of the Yellowstone caldera, so there are tons of volcanic features everywhere. A few weeks past Jessica and I, plus a few classmates went hiking at Menan Buttes, an old volcanic vent from the Yellowstone super-volcano.

Later this week my entire class will be traveling to the Grand Canyon on a field trip! I am so excited and so is the whole class. It will be an amazing opportunity to learn about geology!
Now you’re probably wondering why I talked about scouting and my past. I have thought a lot about geology; if I love rocks so much how come I didn’t figure it out til now? I have no idea. While in scouts I loved being outdoors. While we were on hikes I was always looking at the trail and rocks around me. I guess that I didn’t figure it all out until I knew it was something that could be studied. As for the rest of my past, it is the journey I walked to find geology. My past prepared me to be a geology student and one day to be a Geologist!


  1. Great blog Michael. So honest and inspiring. You are a lucky man to have found your passion so young. What a great journey lies ahead for you! THANKS FOR SHARING.

  2. Love it! Glad you found your 1st passion. I bet you will find many others throughout your life. Follow your dreams!!!