Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Links I love!

 I love to learn. Information so fun to me. While I am at school I have the opportunity to take many different classes, that in the end will help me to be a well rounded person. For example I am currently enrolled in very basic science class, I have to take this class. The class is a very broad overview of the basic parts and types of science. As much as this class is so easy, it is a great class. But of course this is a geology blog, so lets get back to rocks. In an effort to gain as much knowledge as possible I am always on the look out for informative websites on the topic of geology. Here are some of the websites I frequent the most. Some of these are webcams of volcanoes! that's as cool as it gets.  this is the best weather site ever! Thanks Tom. Check out all the earthquakes! A whole site just for volcanoes! How cool is that?!

And more volcanoes...

Mt St Helens web cam there is almost too much information on here. Love it! is a simple geology website.

This is just a few. If you know of another one, share it with me Id love to make this list a mile long.

I just found this website, I love it.


  1. I don't know much about rocks. So if I need answers your the man I will come to for help.
    On a side note my favorite rocks are sparkly ones. But I have no idea what they are called.
    1. sparkly on the outside
    2. the ones you crack open and have some type of crystal on the inside
    =] Enough said

  2. You know what? I will do a post all about geodes and sparkly rocks. That would be fun, thanks for the idea. Yes I love rocks! Good thing I am studying to be a geologist. I have to work harder to keep up with your posts, you post way more than I do.

    1. Haha the only reason I do that is because it helps me get things off my mind so I sleep better at night AND because it makes me feel like i'm talking to more than just Spencer since he's the only one I really talk to I don't like to always burden him with my random thoughts lol

  3. Very cool Michael. Here is were I want to go...check it out:

  4. Leslie I love Zion National park! I really need to get back there. It is so beautiful.