Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Answers!

Ok Kids here are the answers to the tests I posted. I hope you all did well.

A  Calcite
B  Orthoclaise
C  Halite
D  Plagioclase
E  Quatz
F  Gypsum
G  Muscovite
H  Fluorite
I  Dolomite
J  Garnet
K  Chalcedony
L  Talc
M  Olivine in Peridotite
N  Biotite
O  Hornblende
P  Augite

Metamorphic Rocks

A  Marble
B  Quarzite
C  Metaconglomerate
D  Slate
E  Schist
F  Gneiss

Sedimentary Rocks


A  Chert
B  Coal
C  Travertine
D  Gypsum Rock
E  Fossilferous Limestone
F  Dolostone
G  Limestone
H  Rocksalt
I  Limestone

Clastic Rocks

J  Conglomerate
K  Sandstone
L  Siltstone

Other posts coming: geodes and other sparkly rocks, maps and topography, faults, Zion national park geology, and more!

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